The Joy Post: Edition 002

Last Saturday, I direct sowed baby spinach and buttercrunch lettuce seeds. The bright sun was beaming down, the breeze blowing my hair wildly while sounds of lawnmowers lulled me into Fake Spring. Honey, I lost my head. I didn't consult the almanac and I didn't take a single glance at my weather app. Initially, my goal was to turn soil and add a few bags of raised bed mix as the soil level had settled quite a bit since last Spring.
I got away from myself.
Currently, I have three raised gardening beds - (2) 4' x 10' and (1) 4' x 4'. Jason built them for me last year and we filled them with garden debris and top soil. I'm no Master Gardener so if that combo causes you anxiety, look away. Our natural soil tends to be chunks of red clay so I'd say I'm a step above that, at least.
You may not be surprised to learn that those precious seeds are currently under big blue tarps weighed down by whatever I could find in our garage to protect my [not yet] seedlings. Our low last night dropped to 27 degrees. A few weeks ago, I'd jumped for joy if a chance of Snow accompanied that dip but a las, our area hasn't seen a snow cloud yet. Jason and I probably sealed that fate back in November when we proactively purchased sleds, new coveralls and boots for our baby. 
"Redneckery!" I captioned as I sent this photo to the group text with my Mom and sister. In Mama's reply, she exclaimed to "Protect those babies!" and then advised that her three geriatric horses were still hanging on to their Winter coats. Listen, if it was a snake, it'd bitten me.
How have I not been planning my garden activities around the hair cycle of my parent's horses? If there was a creature on God's Green Earth that could hint at Spring, it would be them. Garden horse sense! How does one without a television or electronic device know bad weather is coming? HORSES.
Anywho, they're now protected and I'll keep waiting. To keep my Spring spirits lifted, I sewed this precious FPP coneflower designed by Liza Taylor Handmade.
I haven't sewn many foundation paper pieced patterns and was wild with delight over my results!
Fabrics used are as follows: (top to bottom)
  • Ruby Star Society Add it Up in Peach
  • Art Gallery Fabrics Gingerbread
  • Rambling Rose Dusk by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics
  • Kent Chambray in Brioche
  • Kona Seafoam
  • Kitchen Window Sage
  • Art Gallery Fabrics White Linen
If you're new to FPP, Liza has an instructional video that you can find on her YouTube channel. I found it most helpful!
I've also been sewing up my Meadowland quilt and only have one block remaining. I'll be sure to dedicate an entire blog post to it once quilted and photographed. I've really enjoyed mixing and matching fabrics again without the strains of sourcing fabrics to turn into kits or bundle offerings. But that is a story for another time.
I hope it's warm where you are. The South is blanketed in pollen and we're cold. I'm sure tornadoes will spin up next week when the inevitable heat wave and cool down hits, also known as Gotcha Again, Fake Spring 2.0.
P.S. TTFN is an acronym for "Ta Ta For Now". My PaPa used to sign off his emails to us with "TTFN" and a load of other mysterious acronyms we delighted in solving. WMHT (We miss him tremendously).


  • Lindlee

    I love that you have a weight lifted and can just use whatever fabrics your heart desires! That’s the best.

    Love reading these posts. Words are so refreshing after being inundated with SO MANY dang videos.

  • Kara

    Oh Jordan! I am HERE. FOR. THIS. 👏👏 There is nothing more you than beautiful quilts & your sweet writing. By golly,
    I’m ready to get my old RSS Reader fired up, grab a cup of coffee, and sit in front of a desktop computer reading all that is to come. I had a deep affection for blogs in my
    20’s and even had one myself…maybe I’ll share some day. 🥰 can’t wait for more of this goodness & more time off of social media. Thank you dear friend for this gift!

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