The Joy Post: Edition 001

Fabric Pull for Meadowland Quilt

"I need a writing regimen," I announced. At this point, I think even my gemini twin rolls her eyes when I come up with such. Here she goes again....

Thus, The Joy Post was born. Which really works out because I'm not video savvy and I long for the days I used to sit down with my coffee to catch up with my favorite bloggers. I'm an old soul in what I can offer my beloved quilting community. So here are some words coming at you!

I have this thing where I like for my audience to shed a tear. Happy tears, mind you. Can you imagine tears being what you could offer your fellow makers? Lucy Maud Montgomery said it best when Anne answers that she'd "rather make people cry than laugh." I get that statement with every fiber of my being. But I do like to laugh, so let's shoot for both. If you're wondering who Anne is.... well, your former Literature teachers should be ashamed of themselves. You'll probably hear more of her so don't sweat it.

Beginning now, I'm aiming to publish more regular blog posts which I've entitled, The Joy Post. Joy for what I receive in exchange for creating with my hands. Joy as it's the middle name of my only, Heaven-sent child. Joy because it's part of my business name. Granted, I don't really have a “business” since I quit my fabric shop gig last year but those are just silly little details, aren't they?

The Joy Post editions will include ramblings about projects I may be working on, lessons on who Anne is or even what is going on in my garden. Personal posts, if you will. I recently deleted social media apps off of my phone (for the hundredth time) so I can feel human again. That move will likely force me to communicate via newsletters and blog posts more often.

I do hope you'll stick around to read more. I'll keep you notified of new editions via newsletter. Also, don't you just love the name, The Joy Post? It sounds like an antique, single page newspaper. Hello nostalgia for a time I wasn't even part of!

Alright, I'm going to click publish now. I've got to get my baby to her swim lesson.


P.S. The above fabric pull is what I've chosen for a scrappy Meadowland Quilt designed by Then Came June. More to come!


  • Christine Hebert

    Over the top excited for this, Jordan! Your words are always wise and always touch my heart. This is sure to be what the quilting world needs!

  • Jenna Ward

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Your words carry a weight that will forever reside in my heart whether it makes me cry, laugh, sob, or just sit and smile. This is what you were meant for sister. Your words need to be heard! Love you more than words!

  • Alexis Plunkett

    I’m jumping out of my seat excited for The Joy Post. Thank you for listening to our cries for more of Jordan’s words. I can’t put into words the feeling that run through my body but all I know is that I’m left happy and smiling with each installment. I can’t wait to read more! Love you friend.

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